do you solemnly swear to stay in your lane, your whole lane, and nothing but your lane

so help me science

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this is the first time i’ve been drunk by MYSELFin 2 years…

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In the three years that I’ve had Tumblr…I’m gonna do it..

I wanna thank all my followers. Ya’ll are mah real franns.

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this is my new favourite gif


i have never noticed before today that spidey wasn’t real

still laughing about it 3 hours later

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If I havent gone to work yet and I start thinking about my dead brother or my weight I have to remind myself that I have bills to pay and these thoughts are for the weekend…
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sorry i havent been on in FOREVER…I’ve been having some me time..

I’m watching Daniel Tigers Neighborhood and eating eggs plus cabbage.

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It’s important to me not to single anyone out (hey, I’m a girly girl too and I love me some Disney princesses), but I have noticed a bizarre obsession with Disney characters in relation to Thispo and body image here on Tumblr.

This might help put things in perspective: something to think about next time you think you want Jasmine’s body (which I find odd & funny, yet the 6 year old in me totally understands. I wanted it too at some point). 

Great images!


All the Disney princesses/heroins seem to be fairly popular on tumblr these days. 

A lot of the health & fitness girlies I follow share this obsession.

You know those horribly photoshopped models you think give a bad image? Or the sickly thinspo blogs you hate and constantly (rightly) complain about?


Here’s a screencap of the mermaid thingy.

Here’s a cut-out of her wrist/forearm.

Here’s how many wrist-widths her waist is.

Two. But they have to overlap to fit.

How about another favourite?

One more

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