It’s important to me not to single anyone out (hey, I’m a girly girl too and I love me some Disney princesses), but I have noticed a bizarre obsession with Disney characters in relation to Thispo and body image here on Tumblr.

This might help put things in perspective: something to think about next time you think you want Jasmine’s body (which I find odd & funny, yet the 6 year old in me totally understands. I wanted it too at some point). 

Great images!


All the Disney princesses/heroins seem to be fairly popular on tumblr these days. 

A lot of the health & fitness girlies I follow share this obsession.

You know those horribly photoshopped models you think give a bad image? Or the sickly thinspo blogs you hate and constantly (rightly) complain about?


Here’s a screencap of the mermaid thingy.

Here’s a cut-out of her wrist/forearm.

Here’s how many wrist-widths her waist is.

Two. But they have to overlap to fit.

How about another favourite?

One more

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Barefeet! Fire! Birdwatching! These are the things we enjoy after the rain!

We are so happy to be parked at our new location out in the country, where we will spend the remainder of our construction process with Hot Daniel. Check out our patch of NC wilderness heaven:

Made it through the…

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